Mission Statement

We support and extend the potential of all children and celebrate their learning achievements. At Chadsmoor Community Infant and Nursery School we encourage children to become confident, independent and successful.


True to our motto, 'Enjoying, Achieving Together' Chadsmoor Infant and Nursery School aims to create:

A warm, welcoming and safe community – where everyone is valued in an environment which is conducive to high quality learning and teaching

An active community –which provides equal opportunity for all to be involved, to grow and develop their ability to the full through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, in line with the current statutory requirements.

A stimulating and supportive community – which encourages awareness, a positive attitude and a love of learning, so that every child can  achieve academically, practically, physically, socially, morally and spiritually.

A developing community – which recognises that learning is lifelong, we are part of a wider community, and each individual has a role to play.

A prepared community – which ensures children, are ready for the next stage in their lives, confident in their ability to apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes to learning, and living in a multicultural and technological society. 

We seek to achieve these aims by building successful partnerships between the Federation schools, home, and wider community members, through open and honest communication, in learning from failure and by celebrating success.