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Children are admitted to the Reception class in the September after their 4th birthday. We have 60 places available.

Children are admitted into Nursery in the September after their 3rd birthday. This is a part time place for the full academic year. We have 52 places available.

Parents are required to fill in separate application forms for Nursery and Reception. Places are allocated by Staffordshire School Admissions Service in accordance with their admissions criteria. Click here for admissions criteria.

Parents will be able to make applications for the Reception Class and for pupils moving on to Year 3 in September 2016,  from 1st November 2015.  Online applications are now the preferred method of making a preference for schools at the normal age of entry.                  Applications for September 2016 can be made by clicking  HERE.

Applications for Nursery places for September 2016 can be made from January 2016 by clicking HERE

For further information about the admission's criteria  for 2017 -18 click HERE.

If you require admission into any class during the school year then please contact the school office directly on 01543 570718.