99 Club

What is the "99" club?

To help in our drive to raise numeracy standards we have introduced the "99" club. Each week, pupils in Year 1 try and answer a series of numeracy questions.  A 10 minute time limit is set and pupils start with 11 questions (the 11 club) and work up to 99 questions (the 99 club). When they get all of the questions correct they receive a certificate and can move onto the next "club" the following week.

For our Bronze, Silver and Gold clubs, there are 100 questions and only 4 or 3 and a half minutes to complete everything!



Why not have a go at the"99" club


Practice sheets are  available  for  the "99 club" for eveyone to try. Start with the 11 club and work your way up to Platinum to see whether you can answer all of the questions correctly in the time limit. You have 10 minutes to complete the questions for clubs 11 to 99, 4 minutes for Bronze, 3 and a half minutes for Silver, 3 minutes for Gold and only 2 and a half minutes for Platinum! Each time you download one of the sheets the questions will be in a different order so you'll never get bored... 


The 99 Club will improve your mental calculations 


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